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Programmatic, Technical, and Logistics Management Services

Tactical Air Traffic Services Systems Capabilities Development and Analytics Subject Matter Expert

Location: Ft. Rucker, AL

Schedule: Full-time / Part-time


AVNIK is seeking a senior-level subject matter expert to provide subject matter expertise, analytical services, and support to TCM-AB for development of Aviation ATS Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) documentation, and system integration, in order to document current, midterm and future capabilities requirements.

The successful candidate will understand Army Aviation capability needs and gaps for Tactical Air Traffic Services Systems and assess their impact on future operations as described in the Army Capstone Concept, Army Operational Concept, Functional Concepts and related/directed CBA/CNAs is a specialized skill set developed only through experience.


The candidate shall have a minimum of five years’ experience as a combat developer or materiel acquisition experience from the user perspective. This support includes in-depth analysis and support to TCM-AB for the following:

  • Provide analysis and recommendations to the CDID, TCM-AB and Tactical ATS Division while serving as a combat development analyst within TCM-AB. Area of support includes executing the DOD or Army’s process to identify capabilities gaps, conduct doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facilities (DOTML-PF) analysis, provide input to concept development, write JCIDS documents, recommend organizational requirements and define materiel requirements.
  • Research, write, review, update, and provide input for ATS equipment, airspace control and airfield management requirements, consisting of planning documentation and requirement documentation, formulating correspondence and reports and program initiatives.
  • Review joint and Army concepts, operational requirements documents, organizational assessments, related supporting documents and briefings to analyze the impact, or potential impact, on Army Aviation ATS programs and make a recommendation on actions required.
  • Develop and provide input to strategic issues and initiatives that effect Army Aviation force development, force integration and JCIDS efforts between TCM-AB, HQDA, United Sates Army National Guard (USARNG), United Sates Army Reserves (USAR) and major Army Commands (ACOM).
  • Develop and present briefings, attend and participate in meetings, working groups, integrated concept teams and integrated product teams to provide analysis and recommendations on issues relating to Army Aviation Tactical ATS capabilities.
  • Assist in interpreting and recommend proposed implementation of JCIDS policies and procedures and provide input in the resolution of complex problems/issues in the execution of numerous contractual actions. These actions can consist of input into the JCIDS required documents, Functional Area Analyses, Functional Needs Analyses, Functional Solution Analyses, Capabilities Based Assessments, Capabilities Needs Analyses, and associated products with the purpose of developing documents for the acquisition of tactical ATS, airfield management and airspace control (AC) equipment.
  • Provide program input and recommendations for Cost Benefit Analyses; Program Office Estimates (POEs); Reliability, Available and Maintainability (RAM) Analysis; Human System Integration (HSI) and Safety Procedures; Science and Technology and Aviation Modernization Plans; Analysis of Alternatives (AoAs); Aviation Force Structure Analyses; and ATS Analysis in support of all TCM-AB programs.
  • Provide analytical expertise for continued refinement of requirements, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP), DOTML-PF process, operational architecture development, transfer of information to new project officers and capabilities development documentation that supports the materiel acquisition strategy of various ATS, AC and airfield management programs.
  • Have a clear understanding and extensive knowledge of DA, DOD, ICAO and FAA ATC policies and procedures in order to develop requirements for tactical control towers, air traffic control radars, airspace information systems, including navigational aids and other internal or linked air traffic control systems, subsystems and equipment.
  • Research, collect data, and analyze operational feedback in the development and preparation of strategies and reports for presentation to US government agencies, international governments, NATO, and non-government agencies. This will include providing input in the development and preparation of ATS overviews and status briefings, and operational and strategic plans.
  • Provide input and recommendations to the TCM-AB for commencing any new start requirements documentation, updates to requirements documentation, and review of emerging DOD and Army reference publications to determine if it affects the Air Traffic Service mission area. The Contractor shall develop and provide input for mission threads, operational views and apply Net-Ready Key Performance Parameters of ATC systems as these requirements emerge.
  • Attend designated companion system meetings that deal with development of strategic issues and strategies for implementing new requirements; participate in the development and update of STRAP that support training requirement for new ATS systems and advise the TCM-AB on institutional training, NET and unit sustainment training as appropriate.
  • Provide on-site and off-site support for TCM-AB programs, projects, technologies, and efforts and will support concept development while leveraging extensive experience, expertise, resources, and capabilities available within CDID, TCMs, TCM-AB and the Army as whole.

Required Experience

  • Minimum of 10 years of Army Tactical Air Traffic Services Systems experience
  • Minimum of 5 years in the Joint Capabilities and Integration Development System (JCIDS) experience
  • Minimum of 5 years as a combat developer or materiel acquisition experience from the user perspective

Additional Requirements:

  • Ability to successfully complete Background Investigation to include; 50 State Criminal, Education, Employment, Credit and Driving Records Checks for continued employment. 
  • Must be able to obtain a SECRET security clearance.  Possession of an INTERIM SECRET security clearance is required to begin employment; Ability to maintain a SECRET security clearance is required for continued employment; US Citizenship is required.

AVNIK Contact Information: Email:  info@avnikdefense.com  Phone: 256.217.5870

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AVNIK is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers a competitive salary/benefits package. Salary commensurate with experience and education.